Keep politics away from the poker table

lthough I know that some (also) in the poker industry don’t like this attitude too much, when I write my stories, I like to stick to the facts. And that’s why I preferred not to include any of my thoughts in the story I wrote for PokerNews.

However, this does not mean that the whole debate about politics and poker left me completely indifferent. Because, as Victoria Coren-Mitchell puts it, “this is one of the most interesting poker debates I’ve seen in ages.”


Ciao PokerListings.

**Note: There is at least a good dozen of very special people I did not mention in this post even if I would have liked to. Special people as Jana, Julia, Davide, Gianluca, Dirk, Fred, Thomas, PeterG Artur, José, Esther…but, hey! It’s my last day in here, I don’t want to spend it all writing this post…I have some YouTube…

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